Shah Legacy Pty Ltd was created with a vision to empower you to be the best version of yourself. We want to help you create your own legacy.

We are not just your average bookkeepers & accountants or business advisers. We are business success specialists. For us, every client is more than a number. It’s a family.

We recruit and retain people who are passionate about helping other businesses and have the expertise. It’s quite easy you see if we look after our clients and they grow then we grow together with them so it’s in our best interest to have your best interest.

The human race is constantly evolving and the rate at which technology is advancing is almost scary. We feel that it is our duty to use technology and innovation to advance the quality of human life but in a sustainable way while protecting the basic human rights.

The founder of Shah Legacy Pty Ltd also founded an anti-food waste app to reduce food waste globally. We have extensive experience in working with start-ups as well as scaled businesses. We now want to help others who are taking the initiative to change their lives.

We break down the most complex of the problems for our clients – be it the lack of vision, lack of mission, lack of strategy, lack of team coordination or lack of appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs).

If you have a hobby, idea or business that you think can help the society while creating value for you, drop us a line. All your information will be kept strictly confidential and we value your privacy.

“The worst feeling is regretting not having done something when you had the chance.”

Our formula for success is:

  • S – Study the business from the third-party perspective
  • U – Understand your USP to understand where you have an edge over your competitors (Unique Selling Point)
  • C – Complete a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threats)
  • C – Complete a POA (Plan of Action)
  • E – Execute the POA
  • S – Study the client/customer response
  • S – Scrutinise & improve the POA

Our aim is to provide the complete peace of mind to our clients by offering RULE:

  • Reliable and positive outcomes through analysis
  • Unbiased and independent advice
  • Long-term and positive relationship
  • Ethical solution construction

We can help businesses at all stages of Life. We help people with dreams to convert it into a business. We help startups to expand and help the bigger businesses with management and compliance. We will be your first point of contact and your trusted business advisor.