Aiming for a stress free lifestyle?

Most business owners we meet work on average 50 hours a week. On top of that, they go home and worry about putting documents together for paying their staff, sending their payslips, putting the invoices together, file business related documents in one place. Even after spending so much time, they might miss on claiming some expenses because the receipts were misplaced.

How does Mark Zuckerberg run a company as big as Facebook, or how does Elon Musk run Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City and multiple other ventures at the same time? Do they have 100 hours in a day? They have the same hours that we all get but they have built systems, processes and teams around them but what have they built is a culture and instilled their personal visions into their ventures and then team have come together and made the vision grander and possible at the same time.

Working 160 hours a week does not guarantee you success either so why do you want to give up on personal time & family time when you have the option to be stress free and enjoy your business and have it working for you rather than you working for it? As we stated in our other posts, we strongly believe that business is not a get rich quick scheme. Business is an inter-web of culture, values, processes and vision put together to achieve a set of results.

Please note that the recommendation we make are purely based on our subjective investigation. It is your choice where to adopt the recommendations or note after taking into account their appropriateness. If you are a Franchised business then we are limited in what we can offer as generally the Franchisor controls much of the business costs as we have traditionally found but we are still happy to work with you to see if there is scope for further improvement.

If you would like to learn how to improve your business while being able to enjoy your downtime then chat to one of us at

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